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COH:A - Industria Lab Industrial Loop
COH:A - Industria Drum N Bass Loop
Thunderbitch Drum N Bass Song
COH:A - Welcome To Industria New Wave Song
COH:A - Unnoticed Classical Song
Alleyway - K-Nine House Song
COH:A - Cathedral Theme Cinematic Song
COH:A - Graveyard Of The Lost Classical Loop
Alleyway - Menu (8-bit remixed) Video Game Loop
Alleyway - Menu (Orchestra) Classical Loop
H20 - Michael Myers Returns Classical Song
H20 - Michael Myers Theme Cinematic Song
COH:A - The Only Way Classical Song
COH:A - Leo Classical Song
COH:A - Dragon's Breath World Song
COH:A - Chowchana Temple Classical Loop
COH:A - Captured Again Classical Song
COH:A - Scars Of The Bells New Wave Song
COH:A - Cold Secrets Cinematic Song
COH:A - Chowchana Classical Loop
COH:A - End Of Memory Cinematic Song
Project 94 - J├Ąger Theme Trance Loop
Project 94 - Feuersturm Theme Drum N Bass Loop
Project 94 - Menu Theme Drum N Bass Loop
COH:L - Forest Classical Loop
COH:A - Capricorn New Wave Song
COH:A - Frost Fortress New Wave Loop
COH:L - Menu Theme Classical Loop
COH:L - Church Of Hope Classical Song
007: Eurodie - AUF X Cinematic Loop
007: Eurodie - Knight Sky Cinematic Song
MLSS - Bowser's Castle Cinematic Loop
007: Eurodie - Intro Cinematic Song
COH:A - Coldeye Classical Loop
COH:A - Stay Frosty Cinematic Loop
COH:A - Antfrostica Classical Loop
COH:A - Frostbite Classical Song
COH:A - Contra-Submerged Cinematic Song
COH:A - Alexander Cinematic Song
007: Eurodie - Casino Halls Classical Loop
COH:A - Contraship Classical Loop
COH:A - Starboard Cinematic Song
007: Eurodie - Skylights Video Game Loop
007: Eurodie - Daylights X Video Game Loop
007: Eurodie - Autobaun Video Game Loop
COH:A - Virgo Cinematic Song
COH:A - Pyrocastle Classical Loop
007: Eurodie - Aachen Classical Loop
007: Eurodie - EuroOil X Video Game Loop
007: Eurodie - All or Nothing Video Game Song
007: Eurodie - Bond Mode Video Game Loop
007: Eurodie - Afterhours Cinematic Loop
COH:A - Palace To Hell Classical Loop
007: Eurodie - Oil Rig X Experimental Loop
COH:A - Devil's Plaza Cinematic Loop
COH:A - Market Massacre Cinematic Song
COH:A - Hell's Cove Cinematic Loop
COH:A - Interception Cinematic Song
007: Eurodie - Debriefing Video Game Loop
COH:A - Aquarius Cinematic Song
COH:A - Deportation Classical Song
007: Ironix - Last Rat Classical Loop
COH:A - Heartscar Classical Song
COH:A - Stars and Scars Classical Song
COH:A - Port Vice Prison Classical Loop
COH:A - Elektra Dragon Classical Song
COH:A - Trespasser Classical Song
COH:A - Port Vice Classical Loop
COH:A - Port Pursuit Classical Song
COH:R - Phoenix's Claws Classical Loop
COH:R - Hell, Hero, Hope Classical Song
COH:R - Sins of His Classical Song
CP - Condemned Menu Industrial Loop
COH:R - Catacombs Classical Loop
COH:R - Afterworld Classical Loop
GoldenEye 007 - Control X Miscellaneous Loop
COH:R - Deadclock Classical Song
COH:R - Cathedral Theme Classical Loop
COH:A - Kyle's Theme Miscellaneous Song
SF - Corneria Video Game Song
COH:R - Churchyard Classical Loop
Towers - Destruct Of Red Pop Song
007: Ironix - Uncovered Miscellaneous Song
007: Ironix - Ironheart Classical Loop
COH:R - Skybroken Classical Song
007: Ironix - Operative Pop Loop
Heavy-Set Trouble Miscellaneous Loop
Towers - Castle Of Blood Classical Loop
COH:R - Sky Tower Classical Loop
Towers - Intro Classical Song
Towers - Castle Exterior Classical Song
RE:CVX - Intro Classical Song
Towers - Menu Theme 2 Classical Loop
Towers - Menu Theme Classical Loop
COH:R - Skyis Classical Loop
COH:R - Church Rising Classical Song
COH:R - Erupt Escape Miscellaneous Song
COH - Fort Fortress Classical Loop
COH:A - Menu Music Miscellaneous Loop
COH:A - Church of Hope Pop Song
COH - Cove Combat Classical Loop
SMB3 - World 3 Rising Video Game Loop
SMB3 - World 2 Rising Video Game Loop
SMB3 - World 1 Rising Video Game Loop
COH - Fire Fight Classical Loop
COH:R - Fire Fortress Classical Loop
COH:R - Brewing Flames Classical Loop
COH - Cove Fortress Classical Loop
Phantom's Wrath Miscellaneous Song
COH:R - Kevlar Vs. Hero Classical Loop
COH:R - Stealth Run Classical Loop
COH:R - NightClaws Dance Loop
COH:R - Goddess Enters Classical Loop
COH:R - Cautious Help Miscellaneous Song
COH:R - DesertDestruction Miscellaneous Loop
COH:R - Desert Fortress Classical Loop
COH:R - Dead Valley Deser Classical Loop
COH:R - Kevlar Battle Classical Loop
Ironix: 007 - Intro Classical Song
Ironix: 007 - Cold Tears Classical Loop
Ironix: 007 - Submarine 0 Classical Loop
Ironix: 007 - Angel Tears Pop Song
Ironix: 007 - Ironspades Classical Loop
TWINE - Turncoat Miscellaneous Loop
ST - James Bond EA Medley Miscellaneous Song
COH:R - Storm Showdown Classical Song
COH - Crab's Claw Cove Classical Loop
COH - Royal Cave Castle Classical Loop
COH - Frost Fight Classical Loop
COH - Frost Fortress Classical Loop
COH - Antfrostica Classical Loop
COH - Desert Destruction Classical Loop
COH - Desert Fortress Classical Loop
COH - Dead Valley Desert Classical Loop
COH:R - Maple Melee Miscellaneous Loop
COH:R - Forest Fortress Classical Loop
COH:R - Preparation Miscellaneous Song
COH:R - Forest Of Happine Miscellaneous Loop
COH:R - Strong Moment Classical Song
COH:R - Menu Music Miscellaneous Loop
COH:R - Church Of Hope Miscellaneous Song
COH - Hero Rising Extende Classical Song
COH - Hero Rising Classical Song
GoldenEye 007 - Bunker Classical Loop
COH - Enemy Rising Classical Song
SSB - Star Fox's stage Classical Song
COH - Obliteration Classical Song
COH - Credits Classical Song
COH - Crossfire Alter Classical Song
ST - Mortal Kombat Theme Miscellaneous Song
COH - Theme Symphony Classical Song
COH - Defensive March Classical Loop
COH - Palace Under Fire Classical Song
MM - Cold War Carnival Classical Loop
RE2 - Library Classical Loop
RE CVX - Alexia Type 1 Classical Song
RE2 - Ada's Theme Classical Song
RE2 - Extreme Battle Mission Classical Song
OrSTs - Calazone Classical Loop
COH - Cross Themed Medley Classical Song
COH - Cathedral Theme Classical Loop
SMB3 - Overworld V.2 Classical Song
SMB3 - Fortress V.2 Classical Song
SMB3 - Fortress Classical Loop
SMB3 - Athletic V.2 Classical Song
SMB3 - Athletic Classical Song
SMB3 - Overworld Classical Song
OrSTs - Forest Grace Classical Loop
COH - Last Chances Classical Song
SMS - Corona Mountain Classical Loop
COH - Not Yet Defeated Classical Song
Pimp's Quest R - Title V.2 Miscellaneous Loop
Zelda: OoT - Bolero Of Fire Classical Song
Pimp's Quest R - Title Miscellaneous Loop
COH - Fire Fortress Classical Loop
ST - Nyan Cat (Classical) Classical Song
COH - Brewing Flames Classical Loop
SMB3 - Fortress Cleared Classical Song
SMB3 - Toad's House Classical Loop
SMAS - SMB Title Screen Classical Loop
SMAS - Select Game Classical Song
SMS - Prison Classical Song
SMS - Time Trial Classical Song
SMS - Delfino Plaza Classical Loop
SMS - Coin Fish Classical Song
SMS - Noki Bay Classical Song
COH - Past's Shadow Classical Loop
SMS - Boss Theme Classical Song
COH - Preparation Classical Song
SMS - Gelato Beach Classical Song
SMS - Bianco Hills Classical Loop
SMS - Shadow Mario Classical Song
SMS - Delfino Airstrip Classical Loop
SMS - Sandbird Classical Song
COH - Motivated Timer Classical Loop
COH - Antagonist's Theme Classical Loop
COH - Goddess's Waltz Classical Song
COH - Forest Fortress Classical Loop
COH - Tense Murdered Classical Song
ST - Bond Theme (Remake) Classical Song
ST - Bond Theme (Demo) Classical Song
GoldenEye 007 - Citadel Classical Song
GoldenEye 007 - Runway X Classical Loop
OrSTs - Ape Attack Classical Loop
GoldenEye 007 - Frigate [WIP] Classical Loop
Paper Mario - King Tutankoopa Classical Song
OrSTs - Horse's Walk Classical Loop
VMS - Super Starman (SMB) Video Game Song
Paper Mario - Bowser's Castle Classical Song
COH - Castle Crawler Classical Loop
Paper Mario - Crystal Palace Classical Song
Paper Mario - Koopa Bros Classical Loop
COH - Hope's High Medley Classical Song
NS94 - Final Finish (VG/Orch) Miscellaneous Song
COH - Maple Melee Classical Loop
SMW - Special Zone Classical Song
COH - Bi-Polar Memories Classical Song
SMW - Athletic Classical Song
SMW - Ghost House Classical Song
COH - Church Yard Classical Loop
NS94 - Suspended Failure 2 Miscellaneous Song
SMW - The Vanilla Dome Classical Loop
Paper Mario - Peach's Party Classical Song
SMB3 - Underwater Classical Song
SMW - Overworld Classical Song
SMW - Underground Classical Loop
SMW - Title Screen Classical Song
SMB3 - Bowser Classical Song
NS94 - Curious Menu Loop Miscellaneous Loop
SMB2 - Overworld Classical Loop
SMB - Bowser Classical Song
COH - Graveyard of Life Classical Loop
NS94 - Final Finish Alt. Miscellaneous Loop
SMW - Donut Plains Classical Loop
VMS - Bowser's Theme Classical Song
SMB - Castle Classical Loop
StarFox - Space Armada Classical Loop
StarFox - Titania Video Game Song
StarFox - Stage Clear Video Game Song
StarFox - Asteroids Video Game Song
Paper Mario - Angry Bowser Video Game Song
Paper Mario - Forever Forest Video Game Loop
COH - Intense Hope Classical Song
SMAS - Title Screen Classical Loop
NS94 - Ice Boss Theme Classical Loop
Paper Mario - Toad Town Video Game Song
NS94 - Suspension Tension 2 Classical Loop
ST - Chariots Of Fire Classical Song
SMW - Forest Of illusion Video Game Loop
Katy Perry - E.T (Orchestra) Classical Song
Zelda OoT - Nocturne Of S Classical Song
StarFox - Map Video Game Song
COH - March of Death Classical Loop
SMW - Valley Of Bowser Video Game Loop
StarFox - Corneria Boss (CM) Video Game Song
SMW - Yoshi's Island Video Game Loop
SMW - Underwater Video Game Song
Zelda: OoT - Saria's Song Video Game Song
SMW - Secret Video Game Song
SMW - Victory Over Koopa Kids Video Game Song
SMW - Star Road Video Game Loop
StarFox - Path to Andross Video Game Loop
COH - Strong Moment Classical Song
Zelda: OoT - Zelda's Theme Video Game Song
COH - Forest of Happiness Classical Loop
GoldenEye 007 - Runway Classical Song
COH - Menu Music Classical Loop
SMW - Koopa Kids Video Game Song
SMB2 - Birdo (Cinematic Mix) Video Game Loop
Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams Trance Song
SMW - Castle (Cinematic Mix) Video Game Song
SMB - Castle Victory Video Game Song
Paper Mario - StarRod Video Game Song
Paper Mario - Bowser's Rage Video Game Song
Church Of Hope Classical Song
GoldenEye 007 - Watch Menu Classical Loop
NS94 - Suspended Failure Classical Loop
World 6 - Iced Land Video Game Loop
World 5 - Sky Land Video Game Loop
World 4 - Big Island Video Game Loop
NS94 - Final Finish Miscellaneous Loop
World 2 - Desert Land Video Game Loop
World 1 - Grass Land Video Game Loop
World 3 - Sea Side Video Game Loop
World 7 - Pipe Maze Video Game Loop
World 8 - Dark Land Video Game Loop
NS94 - Ice Cream Flavors Classical Song
NS94 - Suspension Tension Classical Loop
SMW - Bowser Battle Video Game Song
SMB2 - Underground Video Game Song
NS94 - Bond Girls Forever Classical Song