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It still looks good to this day. Watched this when I was like 12-13. Its still funny oh my god! We need a 5th entry 11yrs in the making.

My music looks good with it. haha I'm happy with the results

Stopsignal responds:

I tried as hard i could do to fit the music, and it is exactly the style i wanted. No one can say that you are not the best musician. Glad you liked it.

Its in terrible taste, and also you have a few more songs that are mine and are not credited.

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What's wrong with it people?

I don't find anything wrong with it. I'll admit its sorta difficult to learn how to play, also, the directions should be included in the game where the player can see it. Otherwise Its very colorful, nice animation, very good game sir! :) GOOD JOB :D

Its Addictive!

Its a good game, the music is the only annoying thing.

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Instantly thought of 5-Hour Energy. Very Club worthy song though! Nice Job with variety!

Not a fan of this type of music, I actually wanted to see what "Nerdcore" was. I like the beat. It has variety to an extent before becoming repetitive. I can't really judge your lyrics because I am more of a composer in Classical and Electro music so unfortunately I can't throw an opinion. But your beat had won my heart! Great Job!

- Nick

ABRYZ responds:

hey thanks for the listen. to be honest i only chose nerdcore cause another listener suggested it.

While slightly repetitive, I like it. It reminds me of GoldenEye N64 during the beginning which isn't bad. Though I'd like to see you expand with different types of PADS, LEDs, and etc. Otherwise good stuff! Nice Job

- Nick

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Pastel Oil and fantastic drawing!!!

Stopsignal responds:

Thanks! Glad you liked it.

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