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2011-05-05 19:02:44 by Ironclover

I'm gonna be working on some original tracks, and Remixes of others, and I only have a few left that are done.

Currently I am working on;

NS94 - (Untitled James Bond Theme) *note - Its 30% done as of May 6th
NS94 - Final Finish (Cinematic Remix) *Notes are in the works
COH - Castle Crawler *A Castle Theme*
COH/NS94 - Victory Theme *Undecided which Collection its going to be in*
VMS - Mario Medley Menu *Based off the Mario Party 1 Instruments*

Also I will accept requests!

I am not doing any more composing jobs because I need to keep my stress down.
Except the "What If" Collab. I'm still up for that

Church Of Hope, and the rest of the COH stuff is MINE, It was made by ME.
Anything under NS94 Is also mine, and made by me!
Anything under VMS is an original remix of anything Mario


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2011-05-07 17:35:03

Haha, nice, that's a pretty comprehensive list there.

Ironclover responds:

Thanks, Just thought I'd try to get a pubic opinion on making the music more satisfying!