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ST - Bond Theme (COH Mix)

Posted by Ironclover - June 2nd, 2011

I'm still working on an Original remake of the James Bond Theme, and now I've decide to make it sound sorta like the Church Of Hope. so far its completely classical. The remake is going to be made up of mostly original Bond sounding notes made from scratch as well as clips and riffs from the actual theme. Its inspired by David Arnold's Bond Theme. Its also going to have a Gun Barrel theme at the beginning. As for the theme itself its halfway done. There is a demo out now check it out, and throw in some suggestions.

*Update 6/3* The Gun Barrel Theme is complete and is in place in the theme, and I would like to say that the gun noise is pretty... epic.. and as for the Gun Barrel Theme, Its sounding like something from my COH collection. Still working on the main theme, but I have some issues of how much memory its going to take. Which means I have to lower the quality. Ideas are still wrapping around in my head. If this theme becomes highly likable, I will make a Super Mario Brother's Version. I have also come into contact with David Arnold (yes the guy who does the Bond Soundtracks) Via Twitter. So I'm asking him about things via dms. I'm so excited about this remake. I'm working extra hard on it, and I will NOT release it until it is perfectly complete!!

*Update 6/4* Its getting better by the day, its got its own styled theme. Its also been reworked over twice to assure it sounds right. So far so good, but it will be a while before its release so I might release a second demo. BTW the current demo I released. that is out dated now that it sounds alot different. I'm extra hard on it so that the people on Newgrounds have a little more variety when they search "Bond Theme" "James Bond" and "007". In the meanwhile please help out and request some Original remixed James Bond Themes.

*Update 6/8* Its almost done, got to finish the ending, and adjust it a little. Its not going to have alot of drums in it, its style is built off of the Church of Hope Collection, but it sounds like a damn good Bond Theme. So far its 7:02m long. I think alot of people who are fans of Orchestra's will like this one the most! Without further delays, It maybe released between 6/9 - 6/12. I must make sure it sounds perfect before I release it. Stay tune ;D

Q: Why are you making a James Bond Theme?
A: Well I've looked all over Newgrounds, and I've heard alot of the Bond themes and its really just the Midi file with nearly the same sound. So I wanted to do a remake with my ideas in it, as well as to make it sound good.

Q: Do these emoticons make me look cute? :3
A: uhhh.. I don't know O.o

Currently I am working on;

ST - Bond Theme (COH Mix) "Codename"
NS94 - James Bond Theme (Demo)
NS94 - Final Finish (Cinematic Remix) *put on hold for Bond Theme*
COH - Goddess's Palace *Having trouble making notes D:
COH - *Untitled Theme* - a theme possibly influenced by the beauty of sex
VMS - Mario Medley Menu *Based off the Mario Party 1 Instruments*

Also I will accept requests!

Church Of Hope, and the rest of the COH stuff is MINE, It was made by ME.
Anything under NS94 Is also mine, and made by me!
Anything under VMS is an original remix of anything Mario
Anything under ORSTs is an Original Soundtrack piece made by me

ST - Bond Theme (COH Mix)


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