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Instantly thought of 5-Hour Energy. Very Club worthy song though! Nice Job with variety!

Not a fan of this type of music, I actually wanted to see what "Nerdcore" was. I like the beat. It has variety to an extent before becoming repetitive. I can't really judge your lyrics because I am more of a composer in Classical and Electro music so unfortunately I can't throw an opinion. But your beat had won my heart! Great Job!

- Nick

ABRYZ responds:

hey thanks for the listen. to be honest i only chose nerdcore cause another listener suggested it.

While slightly repetitive, I like it. It reminds me of GoldenEye N64 during the beginning which isn't bad. Though I'd like to see you expand with different types of PADS, LEDs, and etc. Otherwise good stuff! Nice Job

- Nick

I see potential in your work, but this seemed a little repetitive.

One thing I always like to do with my music is make sure it has something that wants me to keep listening to it. Like a melody. I'd like to see some more of your Halloween stuff! Keep it coming!

- Nick

Freebix responds:

I see what you are saying. I was only thinking of background music for a scene of some kind nothing too big. Thank you for the advice!

Awesome, sounds like something I could have made but maybe better. it could use more variation though otherwise nice!

Not bad! Nice going (:

Lockyn responds:

Thanks man! :D

its more quirky, and at times the sounds are too high pitched. its composed where it doesn't become repetitive and thats a good thing and there's no classical elements to make it a classical song. Nice Job though!

excellent, well done, well made! It could use some variety though to make it perfect! Its epic and it catches a horror motion. Really... nice going!!!

MusicGamer-11 responds:

Yes, I try a lot of variety. And I have two chase thems now, I hope my next one will be better.

Thank you

Very good, very chilling. It really sounds like you sampled "Code Veronica" from Resident Evil. I mean that's okay with me this sounds good either way.

It definitely has a video game sound to it and I think it would be perfect in a video game as a first level or something. It just has that kick to it that begins a story. Nice Job!

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