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It still looks good to this day. Watched this when I was like 12-13. Its still funny oh my god! We need a 5th entry 11yrs in the making.

My music looks good with it. haha I'm happy with the results

Stopsignal responds:

I tried as hard i could do to fit the music, and it is exactly the style i wanted. No one can say that you are not the best musician. Glad you liked it.

Its in terrible taste, and also you have a few more songs that are mine and are not credited.

WOW!!! THIS IS A CLASSIC!! hahahahaha!!

Just funny as hell!! XD

That was just a great F*ing movie and my song really fit well. The atmosphere was what I had in mind when I was composing it.

oxob3000 responds:

Glad you liked it :) Thanx for the song!

Its not bad, though it seems low quality, and you could have uploaded a bigger file to provide a better quality sound and picture. My song sorta fits in at some points, It would have fit in better if the animation was slighty faster. Its still a nice job, and fun to watch, though I'd appreciate it if you put my song in the credits on the side. Newgrounds will remove your video for not crediting me for the song. Keep up the good work c:

Stopsignal responds:

Thanks! lol, the first time i edited the animation, i put your song as the song, but i forgotted to put "add"
(sorry my english is horrrible)


I give you a 2 for the 3 second loop, other then that, its missing like.. interactivity, and it doesn't really give me much to do except watch it over and over again, If you could like make it into an actual game.. then it would be worth throwing more points at it. Other then.. I can't honestly give it any constructive help because its too short. Sorry, but hey you're not a bad artist and you could probably make some good flash movies.


Oh shit I started laughing when the mom held the picture of the penis XD BTW I am super Honored that you used one of my songs in your flash movie. Thank you SO MUCH :)

SkoopleFloop responds:

No my friend, thank YOU!

glad you like it, keep making music. :P

Great Short, and Book

I just saw the book at my local Barnes & Nobles, It is really funny! ahahahahaha BUY one BUY ONE BUY! ONE! I only had trouble training my dog since.....I uhh Don't mmm Have one. its $13.99

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