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Ironclover's News

Posted by Ironclover - February 2nd, 2012

Tell me how you feel about the spin off/ Sequel that electrocuted on to Newgrounds last weekend? Do you think it's heading to the right direction? Did you enjoy the latest songs? I hope people are checking it out and enjoying it. It means alot!

Strong Moment got a darker remix, and Preparation just got Epic.

Check out their original songs.
COH- Strong Moment
COH- Preparation

Comment and tell me what COH song you want to rise? (be remixed)

Posted by Ironclover - January 27th, 2012

I've decided to create a spin off remake of some of my COH songs as well as remixes of some of the favored songs. Anyone up for the idea?? Any Suggestions? Any songs you want to hear remade? Throw in your thoughts!!!

The Spin off Collection will feature another storyline, surrounding itself around the hero and his trouble with a bounty hunter.

It will feature original pieces that go with the story.

Electro Classical will be the main genre.

COH and COH:R will be worked on closely together.

COH:R - Main Theme will be a hybrid between The Church of Hope Theme, and Anticipate the Rising Phoenix as well as some new riffs. It will be longer then the Original Theme.

COH:R will have a collab song. (I'm thinking with Climbladders's Eric)

Suggestions and feedback please!!

I'm also starting on SSF2 themes.

Church Of Hope: Rising / Super Street Fighters II

Posted by Ironclover - January 13th, 2012

its in dire need of reviews, and alot of them don't have reviews. If you could review some for me and let me know, I'd deeply appreciate it, and i like to review music too c:

Posted by Ironclover - January 11th, 2012

My newest idea for my next Final Fight theme for my Church of Hope Collection is going to reuse more themes.

The themes that will be transformed into (What I am hoping is the biggest NEWGROUNDS THEME) Final Fight themes

Church Of Hope (Obviously)
Last Chances
Antagonist's Theme
Parts of Maple Melee
Parts of Castle Under Fire
Parts of Theme Symphony
Anticipate The Rising Phoenix (Obviously)
Parts of Crossfire Alter
Parts of Hope's High Medley
Parts of March Of Death
Church Yard
Parts of Bi-Polar Memories
Forest Fortress
Parts of Graveyard of Life
Parts of Defensive March
Motivated Timer
Parts of Fire Fortress

I'm hoping to fit it all in one song, but then again there's gonna be more then one final fight theme. I'm just hoping to get some buzz with this one so its gonna be in the oven for a while, but there is gonna be some more COH songs before it.

I'm hoping to reuse this idea I had in the Beta Church of Hope Theme I released as Credits, as well as some unused riffs I've been dying to use. I will go Electro Classical on this one, and I will try to make it as long as possible. The Name has been decided already so I don't need a name.

As for Sailor Moon, I'm remaking the Opening Theme, GoldenEye: I have some new stuff coming, Mario: I'm trying to decide what to remake and how to remake it.

PLEASE COMMENT SUGGESTIONS FOR MARIO and Maybe some Ideas for the COH Theme I'm working on! THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT!!!

Posted by Ironclover - December 24th, 2011

I'm hoping to add 20 new COH songs, some Super Smash Bros, more Super Mario All Stars, SMB, SMB2, SMB3, and SMW music as well as some more Star Fox, and Resident Evil. I'm also hoping to get some more Originals in besides COH. I'm hoping to gain a bigger audience and get some music in some flash movies. I'm also hoping to do some voice acting as well. Happy Holidays c:

Favorite Song of 2011

Church Of Hope - Cathedral Theme

I worked on this song the hardest, and it really fits a last destination feeling. Its just so epic to listen to and I wish more people could just listen to it. It feels underrated. I'd say it summons up the entire COH collection towards it finale. Please Check out this Masterpiece and Review it!!

New Collection coming 2012!!
Based on 8 bit and Electro Classical Music!

Posted by Ironclover - November 4th, 2011

Be back soon c:

Posted by Ironclover - September 28th, 2011

Carnival Music - I'm working on some new Carnival Music since I can't get it out of my head.

New Theme - I'm working on a New Theme which will start a new collection like Church of Hope coming next year.

Resident Evil - I'm trying to work with some of my ideas to give my Resident Evil music remakes some creativity.

COH - I'm working on another piece for the collection, and I'm really putting in some extra background instruments like brass to make it sound alot more professional, and I'm using some unique notes to make it sound awesome!

I'm also working on Menu Music for games and movies on Newgrounds, so suggestions would be great. I have one up already. The Collection is under MM -

Posted by Ironclover - September 14th, 2011

I've decided to work on some Resident Evil Music (Excluding the ones that have been remade for the Darkside Chronicles) I'm looking into Resident Evil 4's music, because I'm not sure if its Electric, or Orchestra Music.

I'm also in the works of making a new theme and a collection to accompany it, Unlike Church Of Hope, this one will not have any restrictions, I'm hoping to make use of my other drums and Electro stuff. There will be a story to the Collection to make the music feel alive. It will revolve around a Spy, James Bond inspired. I don't have a name yet, but I'm considering calling it by my PS3 Account Name, but I'm deciding. The new theme will not be released until next year, but I'm sure I will finish it this year. I will continue to work on Church Of Hope along with the New Collection. I do have a sneak peak of the new theme mixed with the Church of Hope theme coming soon.

Posted by Ironclover - September 10th, 2011

I got some new musical ideas, and I'm making them oddly vivid.

Posted by Ironclover - August 8th, 2011

Writing - Still working on the "It Guy"

Music - Working on Second Versions of some of the songs I have already released for SMB3, SMB2, SMW, and SMAS. If I can make more then 2 of that certain song, I will, as well as continue on with Church Of Hope which will be a year old in Feb 2012, so I'm are far from deciding whether to keep it going or to make a new theme, and I'm working on some Menu Music for games or Flash Movies so Suggestions would help. As for VMS I'm struggling with some more music for that collection, and OrSTs I'm working on another one. So that is all I have for my Music Update. Please do comment on what you'd like to have second versions of, and what you can offer to help improve my Menu Music skills.

I'd like to mention I have an idea of remixing all the SMB3 World Themes into one song. I've actually began working on something like it. I'll be using the World 6 Remix 2.0 as a reference, and inspiration. I'm hoping to make it like "VMS -Super Starman"