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Ironclover's News

Posted by Ironclover - May 11th, 2012

The hero will now have to travel to a nightclub that was recently established prior to the Hero's return to the state.

Now the world of Church of Hope is a mix of Colonial times, and modern times so it creates an interesting world to be involved in.

The Hero will have to make it through the nightclub without being recognized, so expect a stealth theme to be in the Nightclub Trilogy.

As Followed;
Nightclub Theme - The theme for walking around the nightclub
Back Office - A Stealth Theme for the Hero to sneak around and locate Kevlar.
Kevlar Encounter - Kevlar's Battle, Hero Rising and Enemy Theme mixed into a Electro Classical Fight theme.

The Goal is to make people feel a rush.

Posted by Ironclover - April 27th, 2012

Taking a break from "Ironix: 007" and returning to my roots. The Original and Rising will have new soundtracks as the days pass. c:

Posted by Ironclover - April 9th, 2012

Towers II - I got word that the flash movie is nearly completed and as soon as its completed I will spend time working on a nice soundtrack that combines Old times and Infections with Classical Music. I'm looking forward into helping Towers II become a big Flash Movie.

James Bond 007: Ironix - I'm working on an action scene in a movie soundtrack style instead of a video game soundtrack. I'm working closely to a few of John Barry's soundtracks and David Arnold's as well as adding a taste of my own. James Bond will see the light and fire at the fight.

Posted by Ironclover - March 28th, 2012

After my 3rd sound, I wanna do something based off this

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhRhd7jpXpQ&featu re=relmfu

skip to 1:10

Yay or Nay

Bond is going skiing for the next track! c:

Posted by Ironclover - March 20th, 2012

Ironix - Let me hear some suggestions for Ironix. I'm thinking about doing a Submarine level Track and possibly an Mi-6 track. Ideas are flowing. I wanna hear from the Bond Fans!!!!

The World Is Not Enough - I've got 3 more tracks on the way, when i get some time I will upload them, They are from the PS1 version and I'm hoping to play with the N64 version if I listen closely.

Church Of Hope - I'm on a break from both the Original and Rising. I may have some new tracks in late April, Early May.

Posted by Ironclover - March 17th, 2012

Due to the lack of James Bond Themes and Originality with them, I've decided to make a new soundtrack: Ironix (Eye-RON-Nicks) Its going to be based of the video game soundtracks from the EA era, TWINE (PSX/N64) Agent Under Fire, and Nightfire as well as its own Originality.

Posted by Ironclover - March 11th, 2012

I'm in the middle of a James Bond Medley that is based off Agent Under Fire, and Nightfire. Its got a very nice mix of the James Bond theme in an Electro Classical style, not like that techno shit. Its also got parts of Forbidden Depths for AUF. Be excited!!! This is my 3rd Original James Bond Theme in a 3yr timeline. Expect it to be good, and please nag people to make more original James Bond themes, not the shitty MIDI covers.

Posted by Ironclover - March 9th, 2012

Posted by Ironclover - February 25th, 2012

Me and Climbladders are collaborating on a Church Of Hope: Rising Soundtrack that takes place after "Maple Melee" After the Hero defeated the Forest Commander, he encounters a stranger with a dark like voice. The Hero squints his eyes only to see the enemy charging right at him.

We are aiming for something fun, blood rushing, and lengthy. Stay tuned!

Posted by Ironclover - February 12th, 2012

Any thoughts on that? Perhaps I'll remake my James Bond theme into an epic electro classical song. Faster, sexier, tenser, 007-ier, maybe a touch of Madness?

We need more James Bond themes that aren't of the same MIDI file c: