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Ironclover's News

Posted by Ironclover - April 25th, 2013

So I'm working on a few tracks for Ironix and I have a multiplayer based track surrounded by Die Another Day which has part of the songs melody and parts of the soundtrack mixed into it so it has an official Bond feeling towards it. If you have any requests of movie or video game soundtrack in the Bond Universe, let me know and I'll work what I can into a track.

Posted by Ironclover - April 16th, 2013

I'm still working on this one Ironix 007 soundtrack based on the Skyfall soundtrack and I'm continuously working on the New Church of Hope: Afterworld so expect some more tracks this week.

Posted by Ironclover - March 19th, 2013

Quick Update with COH:R and COH:A. I am finished with COH:A's first soundtrack that has Kyle running through Port Vice as a criminal wanted by Saint Vero and is in the style of a James Bond chase. COH:R - I'm kinda stuck with that one and will resume when an idea hits me.

Ironix - I have a few Skyfall riffs that required close listening to. They were alot easier to make then a Riff from a David Arnold movie. The next Ironix soundtrack instead will be a fight between Bond and Silvia as if 007 Legends had a level for it and it was actually good and didn't use blood stone's soundtrack for it. I've used "She's Mine" and the Bazaar Theme from Skyfall and If I can fit part of Adele's song riff in the soundtrack. You damn right know I will use.

Posted by Ironclover - March 15th, 2013

So I wanted to make another multiplayer based soundtrack for my 007 Music Collection - Ironix. Since 007 Legends failed to provide a good play of Skyfall and music. I decided to make one using parts of the Skyfall soundtrack by ear, and making it sound like something you'd hear in multiplayer in Goldeneye 007.


Posted by Ironclover - March 11th, 2013

Instead of having Church Of Hope: Afterworld in one whole playlist, to avoid confusion. I will divide parts of the stories into Chapters by the music playlist, and I will label them in description box to catch the story easier. I'm making Church Of Hope: Afterworld as big as I can because this story is going to be deep in detail down to lines and actions.

-Also- I'm considering a Mario Menu Theme using either a formula I have in mind or using the Wii Menu music and adding Mario riffs in the background akin to the Gamecube Menu music which if you sped up 16X it plays the Famicom Theme.

Posted by Ironclover - March 8th, 2013

As I finish the second Church Of Hope, I am working on Church Of Hope: Afterworld and I'm working on screenshots and comics for the soundtrack with a little help from someone (He knows who he is)

Unlike the first two COHs, the 3rd will have alot more soundtracks and alot more story in the form of a movie rather then a game.

If Church Of Hope: Afterworld gets me up to 100 fans by time I finish half the soundtrack, I will proceed to make a Fourth!

If a Church Of Hope: 4 does happen, it will involve another virus and it will become the most complex fight of a virus in the State Of Hope.

Anyways, Afterworld is going to have Kyle searching information about his grandfather, the goddess, the "Forbidden" Kingdoms (Formally Known As The State Of Hope) and The Rising Of The Church. Kyle's Darkside will get the best of him as he chases Saint Vero throughout the many kingdoms to Skyis, COH, and Afterworld.

Posted by Ironclover - March 2nd, 2013

Taking a very well needed break for the Final songs for Church Of Hope: Rising so that the very best of my creativity will shine brightly on the last 3 songs I will work on Video Game songs that could use a nice remake or update.

Sim City (SNES) - Due to the lack of songs on Newgrounds, I will happily fulfill the much needed fill of the SNES version of Sim City

Mario Paint - I was planning on doing my own versions 2yrs ago but now seems to be the perfect chance to do so.

Church Of Hope - The Original series remains unfinished and I would like to finish it as well.

Church Of Hope: Rising - I'm deciding whether I should do 2 or 3 final boss themes for Necrosis to expand the story and the fight between the Goddess, Hero against Necrosis. One for both, One for the Goddess, and One for the Hero.

Church Of Hope: Afterworld - I got an even better few themes for Characters and Port Vice coming soon. They're full of fresh and crazy ideas that fit what I want to bring music wise to the 3rd Church Of Hope. Within the next month or so I will have atleast one for this collection out

Additional Projects - I might be able to do a few depending on the circumstances (Musicwise)

Posted by Ironclover - February 16th, 2013

Church Of Hope: Afterworld may be accompanied by with a comic to make sure the story is nice and clear. I will personally draw comics by hand as I did a few years ago on a different project.

I will also try to make character sketches as well so that people know what all the characters look like and the world it takes place in. I'm hoping that if I make a Fourth Church of Hope, that it would possibly get a movie on Newgrounds but its fine either way.


Kyle Alexander's Weapons due to 70yrs advance will include a better weapon's choice.

Custom Sawn-Off Shotgun - 1970's model
Handcannon - 1790's and 1960's Hybrid Model
Chain & Hook - Used as a Weapon and a tool to reach hard-to-reach places
10 inch Defense Knife - Same one used by his Grandfather from the first 2 COHs
18 Inch custom sword - made when Kyle was 17.
Throwing Stars

Posted by Ironclover - February 13th, 2013

Due to College, and the possibility that I'm running out of Ideas for Church Of Hope. I am not producing music as fast as I used to and in between soundtracks I do work on covers for video games. I'm looking into Super Castlevania 4 as a breaker, including since I'm working on dark soundtracks, it would be a good idea. Any Thoughts or Suggestions?

Also I'm currently working on the Newest Enemy's theme for Church Of Hope: Afterworld, and Its definitely different from the other 2 enemy themes I did so, Its somewhat lighthearted and also dark. Saint Vero is a two faced Governor of Port Vice who in turns seeks World Chaos and Domination. While he's keeping the kingdom of Port Vice in check, he's plotting to reawaken Necrosis and unleashing the Afterworld to his command. Kyle has to stop him from reaching Afterworld.

Posted by Ironclover - February 3rd, 2013

As I get used to my new computer, I have a shit load of new ideas I couldn't use on my old Asus due to it being a Netbook with 2GB of ram compared to the 6GBs of Ram on my HP Pavilion G7.

For Church Of Hope: Rising, the hero will now cross into the Afterworld and like the Cathedral Themes, It will reflect how far the hero has gotten and the entire soundtrack.

For Church Of Hope: Afterworld, I am starting work on the soundtrack which sounds much like the Original Church Of Hope but with a Dark COH:R styled soundtrack that will reflect Kyle's family's past and reveal much of the Hero and his adventure during the timeline between Church Of Hope and Rising.

There maybe a Church Of Hope: 4 but so far I think the Church Of Hope trilogy will end at Afterworld.

Ironix - I am taking a break from the world of James Bond but I am confirming a few Goldeneye 64 covers.

StarFox - I will finish a few covers of StarFox

Mario - I honestly see no reason to continue covering Mario soundtracks due to the fact that Newgrounds is drowning in them but I do have an idea for the Starman Theme so there is some hope there, not to mention I never finished remaking the remaining SMB3 worlds a second time.

Another Note - Stop SENDING ME MESSAGES ABOUT USING MY MUSIC or PUBLISHING IT ON ANOTHER WEB SITE FOR CASH! I am pubishing my Music ONLY on Newgrounds, Whatever profit I make off of newgrounds is what I'm walking away with. All of Church Of Hope and Ironix Music is NOT ALLOWED to be used OUTSIDE OF NEWGROUNDS. Another that I covered, like Mario, or Resident Evil may be used outside of Newgrounds as long as you contact me and let me know where you're using it.