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Ironclover's News

Posted by Ironclover - August 20th, 2013

Due to my busy life style which includes school, There will be no Church Of Hope: Afterworld soundtracks until further notice. I have a few unreleased songs that maybe released in a separate playlist called Cancelled COH soundtracks. I have one or two finished for Chapter 3 but I have to finish Chapter 2 first.

But I will be working on Eurodie since its very popular via number of downloads. Though its going to be maybe 2 songs a month from here. In January if I do not release anymore COH: Afterworld songs, I will announce whether I'm going to cancel it or shorten the story.

I am announcing this as well. Originally I only wanted to make one Church Of Hope but I loved it so much that I made 3 storylines. I wanted to make 5. The fourth one was going to be called Church Of Hope: Moonlight. It would have involved another plague that only activated under moonlight, The hero would have been the original hero Saint Alexander and would have taken place after Church Of Hope and before COH: Rising. Though I may change my mind in the future. As of now. Church Of Hope ends at Afterworld.

I have released so far 240 songs in the past 4yrs I've been making music. I would like to thank the support of Newgrounds for allowing me to reach this number and to allow me to cope with a family loss through out the 3yrs I had to deal with.

I am not going to retire but my music production will slow down entirely. There is hope for the future for a 4th Church Of Hope and maybe another soundtrack.

Posted by Ironclover - August 4th, 2013

Due to the increasing work I've been putting into for other projects, I'm putting Church Of Hope on Haitus until further notice. The thought occurred to me to just cancel the rest of the project since its a very heavy project and time is not on my side. I am focusing on other projects that would interest listeners more, like Mario and James Bond. Speaking of James Bond and Mario, I am working on a few Eurodie projects and a Mario project that is completely fan made. I'm hoping in time I will be able to provide more quality music in quicker variants of time.

Posted by Ironclover - July 8th, 2013

The next chapter will have Kyle's father, Alex Alexander during the Afterworld breakout 15yrs ago. This will show Kyle's hatred for Saint Vero who served in a watchmen assault group with Alex Alexander. Vero was a good guy once, and something made him tick. This first half of Chapter 3 will be in a sinking warship while the other half returns to Antfrostica where Saint Alexander (The Original Hero) had to cross through all 7 Kingdoms to make it to the Church Of Hope.

Alex, Vero, and 3 other characters will venture into a ship where a known group of terrorist plan to release Necrosis from his sleep. They are to retrieve a chest that contain keys to unlock the Afterworld and unleash terror and hell into the world. The same terrorist group is rumored to be active in Antfrostica and may even be based in the old Frost Fortress.

The Terrorist group is called Contra-Hope. This group believes that the Saints in Skyis had other agendas that would involve destruction of many kingdoms and states. They also believed that the Goddess had no real power to prevent destruction among people. The job of the Saints and the Goddess is to protect life and cherish death and to protect the Church Of Hope which plugs destruction and houses life. Contra-Hope wishes to reach the Church which has now been in the sky for 65yrs since it rose and want to open the gate to Afterworld and use the power of the Afterword to destroy the saints and crush any kingdom that wish to gain the power of Saint hood and Godhood.

Contra-Hope is lead by Saint Uros who defected from Sainthood in exchange for a new life order.

Story Details for Next COH:A Chapter

Posted by Ironclover - June 29th, 2013

Once again the limits of the description box force me to use the News Post to keep the story going.

Church Of Hope: Afterworld - Market Massacre (CH 2)

0:00 - 0:28: (Large crowd booing)
Kyle: Do you hear that?
Hailey: I hear trouble sweetie.
Kyle: That's what I thought
-scene switches -
-Crowd in the Market Town square roaring-
-Commander of Hell's cove walks in waving to the crowd next to Saint Vero-
Saint Vero: (leans over towards to Commander) Liam, let's make this quick.
Liam: I like to entertain my people with fear sir.
-scene returns-
(Kyle slices a guards neck and picks up his binoculars from a roof top)
Kyle: Here *hands binoculars to Hailey*
*Hailey looks into binoculars*
Hailey: I see Vero and another one of his right hand boys
Kyle: *hands over guards long range musket Rifle* Cover me I'm going after Vero
Hailey: Watch out for Rifle boys
(Kyle rappels off of roof top)

0:29 - 0:41: (Guards are patrolling an alleyway leading way to Devil's Square)
Guard 1: Do you think Commander Radke will have us patrolling this place for the rest of the week?
Guard 2: Probably, guy's an asshole to be honest
(Kyle shoots his repel and disarms both guards)
Guard 2: What the hell, its Kyle!
(Kyle kicks Guard 2 in the head and shoots Guard 1 in the head)
Guard 3: Hey guys its Kyle!! Over here!
(Kyle climbs into a window)
Guard 4: Where is he Cadet?
Guard 3: I just saw him here! Look team 4 is down!
Guard 4: I hate my job, I really do.

0:42 - 0:54: (Goddess Elpis is tied to a Pole that rises from the ground)
*Audience roars*
Commander Liam Radke and Vero stare into the crowd.
Vero: My fellow people, Goddess Elpis has committed a crime that not even death can justify.
She has betrayed you all by allowing the Church Of Hope rise and release demons that have terrorized the State of Hope and allowed thousands to die. There are other Saints more qualified for Godhood then her, it's time to change that
*Elpis looks up at Vero*

0:55 - 1:00: *Vero holds up the special dagger designed to kill Immortals through an advanced form of the Vero Virus*
Vero: Time to die you little bitch.

1:01 - 1:07: (5 fast fired shots)
(Elpis is freed from the ropes and falls on the ground)
Vero: *Looks up from where the shots were fired*
*Kyle is seen holding his gun pointed towards the pole Elpis was tied on*

1:08 - 1:14:
CMD Liam Radke: Kill Kyle Alexander, and recapture Elpis! Now GO!
Vero: She's gone! Kill Kyle and Hailey!
*Crowd screams and empties out of Devil's Plaza*
*Hailey walks into the Plaza with people rushing past her*

1:15 - 1:35:
*Kyle jumps off the roof and fires 3 shots at Vero missing him*
*guards open fire at Kyle*
Hailey roundhouse kicks a guard in the back of the head, busting his neck. A 6 round revolver falls out of his holster. Hailey picks up the Revolver and runs to Kyle.
Kyle reloads his gun and upholsters his defense knife. A Guard grabs Kyle's neck with a rifle, Kyle spins his knife in the back position and stabs the guard in the stomach and flips the guard. Kyle uses the Rifle and smacks another guard across the face.

1:36 - 1:55: *Vero puts on his electric arm weapon* Kyle, You're death means more to me then the Goddesses. *Grasps palm*
Goddess: I need to make it to Skyis, Vero is out of his mind. Atleast I can warn the Saints.
*Elpis spots Hailey walking fast towards her*
Goddess: Hailey, I need you to slow Vero down as much as you can until I can make it to Skyis.
Hailey: Elpis, why can't you fly there?
Goddess: I haven't been able to fly since the Rising of the Church. Long story actually. I must go, good luck.
Hailey: Good luck to yourself.

1:56 - 2:09: *Crowd screaming and distant gun fire sounds*
*Hailey looks around*
Hailey: Vero did this, he convinced these people that he's their only hope.
*Woman falls onto the ground crying*
Hailey: I refuse to let him make it to Chowchana.

2:10 - 2:22:
*Kyle fires his handcannon at an oil barrel* *Explosion and screaming*
CMD.Radke: You're like your father Kyle, I'm impressed! If Vero *Vero walks into Kyle's view* doesn't kill you come to the Palace and I'll fight you at the Pyro Castle above ground. Haha.
Kyle: I'll see you then. *Radke walks away*
Vero: Ready to die?
Kyle: Ready when you are.

2:23 - 2:42: *Vero charges at Kyle who dodges him*
Kyle kicks Vero in the back and knocks him on the ground. Vero gets up and punched Kyle across the face and zaps him with the Electric Arm.
Kyle: Aaahhuuggghhhhh *Fires a round into Vero's electric arm*
Both fall to the ground. Kyle gets back up and tries to drop kick Vero who rolls out of the way. Kyle grabs Vero's arm and spins him towards the pole Elpis was tied to. Kyle kicks Vero and knocks him against the pole. Kyle fires his rappel and ties Vero onto the pole and cuts the Rappel. Kyle turns around and punches the button that lowers the Pole.

2:43 - 2:49:
Kyle pulls out his handcannon and points it at Vero's head as he descends into the hole.
Kyle: I got you now you son of a bitch.

2:50 - 2:55: A Guard pushes Kyle's hand and Kyle fires a shot 45 degrees from Vero's head.
Kyle takes his defense knife and pounds it into the back of the guard's head.
Kyle rushes to the hole but it closes before Kyle can jump in and kill Vero. Kyle pounds the ground.

2:56 - 3:14
Hailey runs to Kyle and grabs his arm
Hailey: Come on, This hole leads to the Palace of Hell. If we hurry we'll catch him!
Kyle: Yeah yeah, right okay let's get him. *The pair run into Devil's Square to find the Palace of Hell*

3:15 - 3:27
Radke watching from the top of the Palace of Hell.
Radke: Run young Kyle, I look forward to fighting the Son of Alex Alexander hahahaha.

Posted by Ironclover - June 27th, 2013

Update on my retirement: I'm heavily considering stopping COH:A where it is, I'm not fond of unfinished work but its alot of work to make a soundtrack following actions in a storyline. I'm very short on time to work on it. So for now, I'm working on the COH:A for about 3 days a week.

I have 4 done soundtracks I'm trying to release but 2 of them have a storyline while the other 2 are loops for locations in Chapter 2 of COH:A.

Posted by Ironclover - June 22nd, 2013

Well after I announced my retirement which I spent a year thinking about, I also recently decided to extend Church Of Hope: Afterworld by a Chapter. This Chapter will take place 18yrs before Kyle's Story take place while he was 2. His Father will star in the chapter with Kyle narrating it. It will place Alex Alexander, Son of Saint Alexander into the army with Saint Vero fighting together through a war at sea and in Antfrostica fighting demons and men from an underground group supporting the Afterworld breakout. You will learn where Kyle's hatred came for Vero and you will see Vero in a different light and how he became a Saint. This will be Chapter 3 and will extend my music work by 3 months. I'n expected to Retire somewhere in August of Next Year.

Posted by Ironclover - June 18th, 2013

Unfortunately I'm aging and my ideas are running thin. Church Of Hope is my primary work and for the past 3 years has keep my occupied and happy on days I wasn't so happy. My Uncle's spirit in me fades as I create soundtracks for the series he inspired after his death. Being 19 and writing music has become more difficult as I handle college work, I've gain lots of knowledge about music and soundtracks these past few years. I've gain the ability to play piano with the time I spent into music.

Church Of Hope: Afterworld will be the last of the Church Of Hope Trilogy. Though I had ideas for a forth one with either Kyle returning or the original hero Saint Alexander but set in a time before COH: Rising. I may change my mind depending on the reception of Afterworld after I finish the story.

Good News though, I'm only on Chapter 2 and we've got many more chapters to cover. I might add an extra chapter returning back to Saint Alexander before and during the Original Church Of Hope.
The next song will be extra special because of the new instruments I got for it and will see release this week.

Eurodie will also be finished before I retire. I'm still working on the projects that I said I would work on.
Video game covers seem very unlikely mainly because everyone does them and I'm not risking my account for copyright issues although I am working on a Starman theme using the same concept as Church Of Hope: Rising's music writing style.

Last note, I will still be on newgrounds but not as often as I am now after my retirement. I don't see me stopping until the end of 2014 so please enjoy my last Church of Hope. I'm putting in more energy then ever to perfect it and the storyline.

Posted by Ironclover - June 11th, 2013

For Chapter 2 of COH: Afterworld. The music that I will be creating for this chapter will sound very orchestrated and very dramatic because this chapter will have Kyle talking about his past and his obsession with vengeance. The next few songs are extremely fresh in terms of presentation and style. I'm slowly working on Eurodie but I can't seem to get any fresh ideas to work anymore songs out for it.

Posted by Ironclover - May 11th, 2013

I have no idea's left to add to Ironix. So I'm deciding to start over with a new collection that will have the same concept as Ironix but with a new theme riff to work with. It'll follow the same creativity of Ironix and Church of Hope: Afterworld.

I'm also finished with the First Chapter of Church Of Hope, I'm finishing up Character drawings I will post soon before I release the 2nd Chapter. I'm hoping that the drawings will add onto the story.

Kyle has my facial features because I am the only one who can do his voice if anything. I gave Kyle a more Irish-German face then my own and he is slightly more muscular then I am. I will also give Character and Area descriptions and background information for you all to follow on the Storyline.

Posted by Ironclover - May 6th, 2013

This wouldn't fit in the music description of the song
0:00 - 0:13:
Kyle looks at his pendent grasped in his hand, rain begins to slowly drizzle over his pendent.
Kyle looks at the battleground of the Warship as the rain begins to pick up heavily.
0:14 - 0:34:
Kyle and Hailey run out onto the field, there's 9 pools that lead into the ocean.
Dante: I knew you both would make it! Welcome to your last stand!
Dante opens fire at the pair just to knock Kyle off his feet.
Hailey stops and helps Kyle back up.
Dante: I have a surprise for the both of you!
Kyle angrily looks at Dante as he gets up on his feet.
0:35 - 0:54:
The entire worship begins to shake like an earthquake, the waterpool in the middle of the ship starts to bubble violently.
Kyle steps forward slightly towards the direction of the pool while Hailey steps back slightly facing the direction of the pool.
Kyle: What the hell?
Dante: I hope you're familiar with the monsters of the Afterworld! This one loves to play in the water and I figured you two would love to make a new friend, especially you Kyle!
Kyle: What are you talking about you sociopath!
Dante: Aquarius, the Afterworld Monster of the Afterworld Seas! RISE AQUARIUS!
Aquarius, a water dragon eel like Monster rises from the pool.
0:55 - 1:21:
Kyle puts his hand on Hailey's chest as he continues to stare at Aquarius, signaling her to run.
Kyle: Run, RUN!
Kyle, Hailey run and open fire at Aquarius as he tries to shallow the pair in his Monstrous mouth.
Kyle and Hailey run towards the Control deck where Dante is watching them run for their lives like a game.
Dante: Aquarius, Kill them! Kill THEM NOW!! (pounds his hand on the railling)
Aquarius drives under a water pool, Kyle and Hailey run out of cover waiting for Aquarius to rise again.
Hailey: How do we kill it Kyle?
Aquarius rises out of the water and rams into Hailey and Kyle's Location.
Hailey and Kyle jump into opposite directions where Aquarius rammed into. The floor gives out with Hailey and Kyle falling through untouchable to Aquarius.
1:22 - 1:28:
Dante hangs over the railing smiling angrily.
Dante: Where did they go? Look for them Aquarius!
Aquarius dives back into a waterpool.
1:29 - 2:08:
Kyle: I remember something about swords Vero gave Dante and the other Commanders that were meant to kill immortal things like Goddess Queen Eplis. If I can find the Sword that Dante has, I could kill Aquarius
The Warship starts to aggressively move and harsh movement in the water can be heard from Aquarius.
Hailey: I bet he has it in the control room, it's an obvious place he would put it if he knew he was going to fight us.
The Warship shakes violently and knocks Hailey off her feet. Kyle helps her back up.
Kyle: Let's keep moving and find a way back onto the deck shall we?
Hailey: hmm yeah.
The pair walk down the narrow hallway towards a stairway slowly with their guns held up.
Aquarius busts through the wall
Hailey: Fuck! (Covers her face with her arms)
As water began rushing in with Aquarius following, Kyle and Hailey run towards the opposite way of the hallway only to find another stairway to the deck.
2:09 - 2:21:
Kyle and Hailey make it back onto the deck point their guns at Dante, they slowly walk towards him as Dante begins Applauding
2:22 - 2:27:
They point their guns at Dante, they slowly walk towards him as Dante begins Applauding
Dante: Hahaha, I'm impressed you're still alive.
Kyle grinds his teeth, showing his seriousness
2:28 - 2:31:
Aquarius Rises out of the middle water pool.
Dante: Heel Aquarius!
2:32 - 3:05:
Kyle runs back downstairs while Hailey slowly walks towards Aquarius standing tall and awaiting Dante's Command.
Hailey: How did you get Aquarius out of the Afterworld?
Dante: Saint Vero really doesn't want you or your hero friend to get in his way, thats all you need to know.
Kyle (out of nowhere and wet) climbs onto the deck without Dante noticing and finds the sword.
Hailey: We're going to stop Vero from doing whatever he's planning to do.
Dante: Ha! We'll see, Aquarius!- (Kyle kicks Dante in the back of the head and jumps onto the railing)
Kyle: Hailey catch! (Throws the sword to Hailey)
Kyle jumps back onto Dante's Control Deck with Dante launching back at Kyle. Dante punches Kyle in the chest and pushes Kyle off the railing and onto the deck on his back
3:06 - 3:18:
Hailey throws the sword at Aquarius and impales him under his chin and runs towards Kyle
Aquarius screams and rattles as the sword injects a fast acting disease designed to kill immortals
Aquarius sinks like a ship into the waterpool
3:19 - 4:11:
Dante: Prepare to die you fucking crusaders! (pulls out a 30round automatic weapon)
Dante Opens fires at Kyle and Hailey. Kyle and Hailey run away from Dante. Hailey empties 8 rounds at Dante missing him greatly.
Dante: You have a long way to go.... Even if YOU MANAGE TO KILL ME!
Kyle: I'll take as much time... as I need... to make sure you.. end up in a box floating in this OCEAN DANTE!
Dante: We'll see Alexander!! (Opens fire at Kyle)
Kyle and Hailey jump behind crates and take cover from Dante's open fire.
Dante: Hide Hide Hide!!! I love a challenge! (throws an explosive at the crates)
Kyle: Go now! (Hailey and Kyle run to the other side of the deck behind another set of crates)
The explosive destroys part of the deck.
Dante: Time to Die Kyle! ALEXANDER! HAHAHAHA
Kyle walks out of cover with his Handcannon in one hand pointed at Dante.
Kyle: No, Time for you to Die (Fires the round into Dante's Chest)
4:12 - 4:30:
Dante drops his gun and drops to his knees bleeding out of his wound and mouth
Kyle and Hailey run to the control deck, Hailey runs towards the controls. Kyle walks towards Dante with his Handcannon pointed at him as he drops to the floor face first.
Kyle: Bye Dante (Fires Gun)
4:31 - 4:49:
Hailey: I see Vero Kyle! He's heading towards Devil's Plaza! I can ram the Warship into his Ship.
Kyle: Maybe we can kill him before he reaches Hell's cove! Go for it (Loads Handcannon)
4:50 - 5:00:
A view of both the Warship and Vero's ship can be seen in Vice Port Seas over looking Devil's Plaza, A kingdom within a Mountain, the only way to the town of Devil's Plaza is by entering the Hot volcano like town Hell's Cove. The second kingdom on their Journey into Vero's plans.