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Ironclover's News

Posted by Ironclover - April 7th, 2017

I'm hoping to expand my ground with my musicial abilities by uploading on Soundcloud. I uploaded Demo Tracks from my 007 Project, and I'll probably upload some other new things. I plan on producing a Soundcloud Exclusive soundtrack. Church Of Hope and COH: Rising will remain exclusive to Newgrounds. As for COH: Afterworld and its Sequels. I'm still debating on that. I will continue to upload on Newgrounds as well as Soundcloud.

Posted by Ironclover - February 1st, 2017

I've been composing and creating music for Newgrounds for 7yrs and every year I think about retiring and someway something stops me. So I may as well announce...

That I will be doing more covers along side my own soundtrack series (Church Of Hope)

Speaking of which. If anyone remembers Lunarsky, I know its been a while. I have decided to make it a chronicle story revolving around a Moon Temple that is only visible in the Full Moon. So I have an interesting Villian in mind but the interesting concept is using 3 generations of heroes to create the story

So that 3 different themes that define what kind of hero they are and the fun concept of it is mixing those themes together to tell a story between 3 generations.

Of course I still have to finish COH:Afterworld and finish Kyle Alexander's story as well as reveal his true name and why he decided to use Kyle as his first name. I wish I was able to tell the story in the depth I wanted to but the limitations of newgrounds and my time has prevented me to do so. So with the Fourth Entry I hope to find a solution to that.

I'm also debating on whether to do in Chapters or do 3 tracks per location.

Posted by Ironclover - September 20th, 2016

I'm officially taking a break to work on my new Orchestra set and continue working on tracks. I will return in 2017 to begin releasing new 007 Tracks, A Super Mario Track, Alleyway Soundtrack, and to Finish Church Of Hope: Afterworld. I may release the Demo track to my new 007 soundtrack as well as a Halloween Track for Halloween.


I'm doing this to maintain an original output of good quality music. I feel I have let down 2016 with only 4 tracks and continued Delay. So official I wish to restart in 2017 with a strong push of music to come along.

As with every 007 track I attempt to do. I will do an X version of each track and I am looking to do 10 Bond Themes as X themes. So feel free to leave a Suggestion

I will do..

From Russia With Love

On Her Majesty's Secret Service


Goldeneye (Movie, 64, Wii)

Posted by Ironclover - August 11th, 2016

I am slowly working on demo tracks for my 007 project. I'm no longer at this time working on COH:A projects in order to freshen up a tired sequel that was due to be finished years ago. I am still working on other soundtracks and I've slowed down to assure each track is perfect. I will update this newswire with details soon enough thank you for your patience

Posted by Ironclover - June 25th, 2016

I am planning to release everything I have finished for Church Of Hope Afterworld not in order but will put it in a Playlist in their order. I will push my 007 project into July as well as the rest of my music projects due to a headset malfuction. I really apologize for not publishing as much as I shoudl be. I only have 4 releases and I apologize for that.

Posted by Ironclover - June 4th, 2016

Its official!!!

James Bond will return!

Daniel Craig will play Bond again in my adaptation for Newgrounds.

Rami Malek will play a SPECTRE Villian who has yet to be named.

After the story is developed you will see the soundtrack coming in. I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I have so far. Its coming THIS MONTH!

Posted by Ironclover - May 20th, 2016

Currently codenamed: Omega

007 will return to Newgrounds in a third soundtrack. The approach will be different. I need YOUR help to inspire me and suggest what you want to hear in this (Hopefully) massive sized soundtrack. I am targeting June for the release of the Main Theme song titled "I fear." and No I didn't get someone to sing for it though that would make it awesome. I doubt I'll find whom I want to sing for it. 

I had previously codenamed Eurodie as SeaFire with it originally being a soundtrack designed around the novel but it did inspire the story for Eurodie.

Ironix was originally Ironic with really no clear direction for the story.

Omega is going to revolve around counter-terror and focus on 007's motivation for Queen and Country. A Powerless but forceful assassin for the British Government. So I will probably write the story out as Dossiers like previously but add in outcome of the mission under the Official Dossier to make it feel like a progessing story.

Suggest locations to visit, movies for X soundtracks, games for X soundtracks, and ideas!

Thank you for the support over the years Newgrounds!

Posted by Ironclover - May 7th, 2016

My third and presumely final 007 soundtrack has been crafted and will be different from Ironix and Eurodie with the exception of a Pierce Brosnan-Daniel Craig 2000ish era sound. Instead of level named tracks. I will compose tracks in a situational point of sound. Meaning that instead of a loop of a track, it'll just be a fade in fade out soundtrack. Not to say that a level based soundtrack wouldn't be included. Currently I'm carefully crafting the main theme which will not be completely used in the tracks, same will go with the Bond Theme. I'm putting in a different type of style to it that will please 007 fans on Newgrounds.

More Church Of Hope: Afterworld and Alleyway tracks are also on ther way.

I'm taking more time to carefully construct these tracks in order to better the sound and quality of each arrangment. So hopefully May will see more tracks to make up for the few months that tracks didn't come out. 


Posted by Ironclover - April 25th, 2016

I stated before I was going to release monthly packages of music from my workbench. I have around 14 tracks done. Mostly for COH: Afterworld and Alleyway. I also have what seems to be coming to a completion another 007 track. I am not having much luck with Mario, Pokemon, or Star Fox tracks because the approach for them have to be different. I haven't been able to complete what I have as a requirement for COH and that is why there is a delay in the music packages. Until I am unable to complete l what I need to complete. We will not see that music package. But good news is that there is alot of good stuff with 2-3 of the songs being around 5-6mins long!


Also considering a Demo Track Album to extend my creative abilities and different depths of soundtracking. Opinions are welcome!

Posted by Ironclover - March 1st, 2016

As you may have noticed I have lacked alot in content for the past 2 years and I am still sorry for that. So I am planning to release a variety of music in packages once a month. So the earliest we'll see the first pack will be this month and the lastest being May.

What will be in this package?

Church Of Hope: Afterworld tracks

COH: Lunarsky tracks

007: Eurodie Tracks

Covers of video game tracks

More original tracks


Will atleast one of each be in each package?

No, thats why its a package. otherwise I would consider it a scheduled release. It will not always contain something from each. But it may contain more of one or the other. Most likely the COH work which is my main focus.


I am doing this to stablize and produce more work. Alot of what I need to publish is already done but I have yet to release them due to laziness.


As for Video Game covers?

I don't do them anymore because just changing the instruments and VSTi isn't really much work or effort and I would prefer to put a little work and polish into it. When I do sometimes the end result does not meet my standards.I am trying to produce Mario Maker tracks but the MIDI files are either off completely or do not exist and doing from ear takes alot of time. I am considering doing the first generation of Pokemon though and translating 8-bit music into full on Orchestra-Electro. I'm looking into the Pokemon Battle Theme and one of the towns to just play with and see if its possible to do.



I am considering starting a studio and jumping into the entertainment world. Producing Youtube content, Music, and producing Flash Games and Online games. This is just a thought but it might become something who knows.

-Nick "Ironclover" S.-