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Ironclover's News

Posted by Ironclover - January 21st, 2016

On January 11th, 2016 at 4:30am I had found my cat lifeless in her bed. The mystery surrounding her death irks me and while I now have her in a beautiful Cherry Wood box. I only have her ashes, some fur and whiskers. As I continue to cope with her death. I will slowly continue on with my music projects. I am hoping to produce atleast one track before my birthday "Feb 4th"

I ask 10days later for patience and respect. As with the Original Church Of Hope, which was fueled by the death of my Uncle whom I was close with. The death of my cat surely will fuel Church Of Hope: Afterworld as well as its Sequel Lunarsky.

Posted by Ironclover - October 15th, 2015

Message me here or email me at Clovercover@hotmail.com!

I want to work on providing a soundtrack to a flash movie or game. I will work with other musicians and I am willing to collaberate with musicians provided that they're within my range or have a really awesome idea!

I'm very easy to work with and am willing to try new genres that aren't too off of mine.

Have a listen and review my tracks. I promise not to let you down (:

Posted by Ironclover - September 15th, 2015

I currently have almost my entire 3rd Church Of Hope series and its scheduled to end by December. I have the rest of Chapter 4 almost done, Chapter 5 almost done, and working on Chapter 6 as well as a possible cover for Super Mario Maker coming. I'm very busy now going back to school and trying to lose weight to keep up with my Criminal Justice Degree. 

Chapter 4

  •  Chowchana
  • Boss - Leo (Horoscope) (Dragon Like Creature from Afterworld)

Chapter 5

  •  Industria
  • Boss - Pisces (Shark like creature that swims in Chemical infected water in Industria)

Chapter 6 

  • Skyis
  • Boss - Aries (An Angel like Demon resurrected from the Sky Castle)

Chapter 7 

  • Church Of Hope
  • Graveyard Of The Lost
  •  Boss - Cancer (Horoscope, and Illness) (A StingRay like creature with the ability to fly by gliding like a Stingray in water)

Chapter 8 

  • Afterworld (Final Chapter) , Boss - Saint Vero, Necrosis (The Devil Of The Afterworld put down by Saint Alexander, Kyle's Grandfather)

Super Mario Maker 

  • Super Mario Brothers
  1. Ghost House
  2. Airship
  •  Super Mario Brothers 3
  1. Ghost House

As for Church Of Hope: Lunarsky, I will continue that after Afterworld is finished and continue on with Saint Alexander's 3rd story and I'm hoping to get more James Bond work in for Eurodie.


Thank you all for your support, reviews, and downloads!

- Nick

Posted by Ironclover - June 7th, 2015

As soon as the internet is back up in my house. I will start posting my finished tracks for COH:A. I have one that I really want to share since it came out so perfectly. I have atleast 5 done and ready!

Posted by Ironclover - April 12th, 2015

Church Of Hope: Missions (Working Title?)

Its not a Church Of Hope: 5 since I'm still Finishing Afterworld and just started on Lunarsky. Its just a collection of soundtrack chapters of different characters in the COH timeline explaining their role etc. Like for example, Alex Alexander's story before his final mission in Antartica and perhaps defining his original relationship with Elpis and Saint Vero before becoming a Saint.

So This is what I came up with so far if I make it a reality

Alex Alexander - The Guardian

 Entire chapter at Church Of Hope

Alex's Themes are primarly electro and Orchestra so combining it with Church style music will be interesting

Saint Alexander - Hell Warrior

Takes place in a new location that behaves like Afterworld but more Hellish. Has Mortal Kombat influence in the soundtrack chapter

Defining how the first Alexander discovered his ancestory and his fate as a hero

Goddess Elpis - Commandment

Entire Chapter in Skyis and Afterworld

Goddess Elpis's journey into becoming a goddess



Feedback would be appreciated. Currently its just a thought and I still am considering ending COH soon but everytime I try I come up with new ideas for the series

Posted by Ironclover - March 30th, 2015

I have alot of free time which I have been utilizing for my next set of soundtracks due out soon including Church Of Hope: Afterworld Chapter 4, Perhaps a few more for Project 94, and of course the 4th entry of Church Of Hope.

Posted by Ironclover - December 13th, 2014

Recently I came out of the hospital November 4th and I've been struggling with hardcore depression and suicidal experiences. I've been working alot on a few soundtracks and I felt that putting more time on them has made them sound alot better so I'm hoping to be able to produce a number of songs before the year ends.

I am working on both COH's, I'm debating on continuing 007: Eurodie, and I might have a surprise in the timeline. I once again would like to thank the support of Newgrounds, and the fans of my music. Newgrounds lately has been growing very well once again and I am happy to say that I have renounced my retirement plans and probably will continue COH into a fifth storyline.

Posted by Ironclover - November 11th, 2014

Working on Chapter 4 for Church Of Hope Afterworld and the first world for Church Of Hope LunarSky. Its coming out real nicely!

Posted by Ironclover - September 10th, 2014

I'm working on tons of things so expect music before the 21st!

Posted by Ironclover - August 20th, 2014

I apologize for my lack of music for the past 2 months

As I announced last year. I talked about retiring around October but it seems my Church Of Hope projects are takng longer then I expected and I promised a Church Of Hope 4 as I announced not too long ago as Church Of Hope: Lunarsky. Featuring Saint Alexander before the Events of Church of Hope: Rising.

As for my James Bond series, I will stop at Eurodie but will provide lots of music for it.

After I finish these 3 products hopeful before 2016. I will retire from the music industry maybe for good.

once again I would like to Thank Newgrounds for the hobby and the music I was able to share with everyone.