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Ironclover's News

Posted by Ironclover - July 12th, 2014

I have done lots of covers of Mario, Starfox, Zelda, and I have my own James Bond soundtracks as well as Original stuff like Church Of Hope. I am free for the rest of the summer and would like to know what Newgrounds wants!

Posted by Ironclover - May 23rd, 2014


Due to the Track X popularity. And my COH series... Not only am I bringing you original James Bond soundtracks but more X (Goldeneye Multiplayer inspiried) soundtracks based on not only the level soundtracks but also the movies

Goldeneye X (The Movie, and both games)

The Living Daylights X (Already uploaded as Daylights X)

The World Is Not Enough X (TWINE) (The Movie and both the N64 + PS1 Games)

Skyfall X (My Ironix Collection has a similar version as 007: Ironix - Last Rat)

Eurodie (Instrumental)

Eurodie X

Ironix X

Agent Under Fire X

Intro (RELEASED 5/25/14)


Posted by Ironclover - May 5th, 2014

Coming soon



An Eco-Disaster is under investigation where a EuroOil Tanker was destroyed and kill much of the food supply in the English Channel. James Bond (Daniel Craig) is sent in to investigate EuroOil's Main Facility located in Aarchen, Germany. 


Also I'm not only doing game styled soundtracks for Eurodie but I'm now confirming movie styled soundtracks to be included.

I'm hoping to recieve good reception on the upcoming songs. Enjoy!

Posted by Ironclover - April 7th, 2014

Finishing up the Antfrostica part of Chapter 3 of Church Of Hope: Afterworld. It sounds really good so far and the thing about Antfrostica. Back in the First COH, I made it about my uncle being stuck in his place as he died aggressively from the cancer. This time around I want it to be beautiful and dedicated in his memory. I hope you guys enjoy the next batch. (:

Posted by Ironclover - February 9th, 2014


Saint Alexander - Hero of the State of Hope must return to the Church Of Hope to abolish a curse plagued upon the state of hope to destroy the line of order that has been returned 3yrs ago since Saint Alexander killed Prince Vero.

Work on Church Of Hope: Lunarsky may not begin until 2015 and will be a shorter story then Afterworld.

Music soundtracks will return to primarly Orchestra and Pads. It'll be more Abimbent and beautiful. Alot more true to the Original Church Of Hope.

The story takes place between Church Of Hope and Church Of Hope: Rising.

I usually announce a new Church Of Hope during Feb since I released Church Of Hope on Feb 22nd 2010 and my Birthday is Feb 4th.


I hope yall like the art haha.

Posted by Ironclover - January 31st, 2014

And so Kyle tells the story about his father Alex Alexander, one of Vincent Vero's comrades in the infamous State of Hope raid of the Contras.

Chapter 3 is coming along pretty nicely. Half of it will tell the story of the Contraship Raid and the Antfrostica Frost Fortress Raid.

I really worked hard on the intro of Chapter 3 to be as unique and relevent as possible.

Posted by Ironclover - January 6th, 2014

I feel many artist on newgrounds are under estimated and ignored by many newground folk and I just feel that alot of my music deserves alot more credit then its recieved. I feel that my time creating music and allowed me to better my skills and create lots of music for people to listen to and enjoy. I don't want to keep making covers if that is what you guys want.

Shout out to all those underrated artist! Support the ignored. Listen to the music! 420 BLAZE IT MAN!

Will keep working on Eurodie and COH: Afterworld.

Stay tuned as Bond and COH both jump into the snow.

Posted by Ironclover - December 8th, 2013

Virgo is a monster. Kyle definitely will have to kill it and Liam Radke. It will also be 5mins long just like Aquarius. This will have a nice latino bass in it. It sounds so eargasmic so far and I hope that Chapter 2's soundtrack satisfys you guys.

Chapter 3 will have a Shipbased theme song and will feature Antfrostica from the Original COH since we're going back in time to Kyle's Father and Sir Alexander's son Alex Alexander.

Posted by Ironclover - October 21st, 2013

Now with a fresh new prospective I will take Church Of Hope: Afterworld in a new direction. I hope doing so will result in better music. I also would like to confirm a 4th Church Of Hope is very very possible.

As for Afterworld I'm going to relax on the detail of the story and just focus on the music. Thank you guys for your support. 007 Eurodie will also continue. These 2 projects are my only focus for the rest of the year and next year.

Let Hell Pour

Posted by Ironclover - September 7th, 2013

Well I've been heavily working on Eurodie and I feel like its going to come out perfect. It sounds so good and so Bond like. Its got that Euro sound to it while maintaining a James Bond feeling to it. So for now I leave this phrase

I come to realize.
I will not survive.
The oil in my blood is thicker then my greed.
without him I will not succeed.

He wields death
a spy fueled with martinis
A duty washed away in a blood bath
The Euro dies, The Oil rises.

Eurodie, Eurodie, Eurodieeeee
Pull the trigger, Fire burning by heart
Its either him or me.
Its either him or meeee!!